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New Weight loss options coming to Viva Infusions!

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Semaglutide has been an outstanding best seller for efficient weight loss here in rural Wisconsin. Semaglutide is the compounded form of Weegovy and Ozempic brand names. People love that it is a once weekly injection that offers craving control, appetite suppression, lowering A1C and more! I've had one patient say that it curbed his need to gamble! Most patients are losing 25-40 pounds in less than 6 months. Semaglutide is an incredible MAGIC drug! FDA just approved it to treat childhood obesity in 12 year olds and up! Semaglutide Was highlighted on 60 minutes last week! Elon Musk and the Kardashians are using it!

Watch rural Wisconsin, because Viva Infusions is getting in stock another big hit! Tirzepatide is a FDA approved medication for Diabetes Type II. Tirzepatide is the compounded form of brand name Mourjaro. First and only GIP and GLP-1 receptor agonist for adults with Diabetes available. Tirzepatide is a once weekly injection as well but has more success at losing weight at doses of 5 mg. Higher doses are meant for glycemic control.

With any weight-loss program, it will still be important to change your lifestyle and exercise, and will-power. However, the medication will make this process significantly easier! FOLLOW and LIKE us on social media to keep up to date.

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