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Pop-up event in Mineral Point 💉

Happy small business Saturday! Make sure to get out and support your local people on November 26! Viva Infusions will be at Sullivan & Studio May from 10am to 4pm. Located 303 Commerce Street, Mineral Point. I will be offering B12, Vitamin D 3, Immune Boost, biotin and Lipo injections.

B12 helps us create more red blood cells and gives us energy; lasts about two weeks. Vitamin D3 is great for immune and mood and it is usually given once a month. Immune boost helps us when we are starting to feel sick or we are trying to prevent getting sick. Biotin injections help our hair/skin/nails; best once a week. Lipo injections are great for metabolism and helping us achieve our weight loss goals; best if given once a week.

B-12 on sale for $20/injection

Lipo $30/injection

Tri-immune injection $40/injection

Vitamin D3 $25/injection

Biotin $25/injection

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