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Raw Manuka Honey 1000+MGO

Annually hand-produced in small amounts making this a limited edition offering. It’s rare, magical and The Ultimate ACTIVIST Mānuka Honey offering. The 1000+MGO is thick and rich full of enzymes, antibacterial properties and benefits. Factoring in so many elements over harvesting is essential to get this grade so pure and unadulterated. A dense mono-floral Mānuka with no other floral influences means our hives are located in deep and pristine Mānuka terrain free of other flowering plants and trees. Use thoughtfully and sparingly for internal and topical needs. A must for your beauty and apothecary cabinet.


ACTIVIST Raw Mānuka Honey is independently tested and certified in New Zealand using the Methylglyoxal (MGO) grading system, which verifies that the Mānuka Honey you are buying is authentic. Our 1000+ MGO honey is guaranteed to contain at least 1000mg Methylglyoxal per kg. Enjoy our Mānuka Honey as part of an ongoing healthy and active lifestyle to support your overall wellbeing


8.8oz / 250g

Raw Manuka Honey 1000+MGO

SKU: 720260144145
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