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Learn more about the four ladies who help Viva Infusions thrive!


For over 20 years I have dedicated my life to clinical excellence and compassionate quality care. Prior to obtaining my Bachelor of Nursing in 2005, I worked in ophthalmology as a scribe and a surgical scrub.  In 1999, I obtained my first degree in Speech Pathology and worked with developmentally disadvantaged youth. Fast forward to 2012, I commissioned as a 1st Lieutenant in the US Air Force. I quickly advanced to Captain and had a tour in Afghanistan in 2014.  After 5 years active duty, I obtained my Doctorate of Nursing Practice specializing in anesthesia.  In 2019, I served underprivileged Bolivians by providing anesthesia for life saving surgeries. I am a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist (CRNA) working at local hospitals as an independent contractor.

Being so close to friends and family members ravaged with treatment-resistant depression and PTSD as well as debilitating pain disorders has led me down the path to improving emotional, physical and mental wellness through intravenous therapy such as low-dose ketamine and IV infusions. Being an entrepreneur and creating a warm, caring environment is a longtime dream finally became a reality for me when I opened Viva Infusions in Mount Horeb, WI in May 2022. I live with my wife and 8 year old in Mineral Point, WI.  

Fun Fact: I studied opera and theatre at a performing arts school until I developed vocal nodules!


I'm Caylen, I am Mount Horeb born and raised and love being a part of this fantastic community. My husband and I have two extraordinary children who we are excited to be raising in the town we both grew up in. I am a Registered Medical Assistant and have over 15 years of experience in health care.  I am so excited to be a part of the Viva Infusions team and to help this business grow into the amazing thing I know it already is.


A couple of fun facts about me: I love to sing and play music. I am an only child who was adopted, which then turned into me being the oldest of 6 half siblings!

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Hi! I’m Becky Strube. I’m an RN with experience in Pediatric Intensive Care. I’ve lived in Mount Horeb since 1998 and have raised my 3 children here with my husband. They are all off to college this year and I’m on a new adventure here at Viva. I took some time off from (paid) nursing to focus on my kids. I volunteer at Sugar Creek Bible Camp as their health care professional during summers, where I treated lots and lots and lots of stings, bites, and rashes!

Fun fact: I’m a Bears fan!!!

Ha. Ha. Sorry not sorry.

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