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At Viva Infusions, we provide a range of nutritional therapy services to help you achieve your wellness goals. Our offerings include infusions, injections, weight reduction, ketamine, labs, ozone and more. Let us help you become the best version of yourself by starting from within.

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I.V. nutritional therapy is a safe and efficient procedure that involves administering vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the stomach for 100% absorption. A certified member of our team administers the treatment, and the effects are felt immediately and can last up to a week after infusion. These treatments are beneficial for combating various conditions such as fatigue, headaches, hangovers, colds, flu, athletic preparation/recovery, skin/hair/nail health, chemotherapy support, and anti-aging, making it a proactive approach to improving overall health and wellness.

All About Intravenous (I.V.) Infusion Nutritional Therapy?

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Common Symptoms

and how to improve your inner wellness

What Our Clients Say

"First visit today and SO impressed. Mandy is phenomenal. SO knowledgeable, caring and loving. Truly has concern and compassion for humans and their health. My daughter is scared of needles but has commented throughout the day how great Mandy did, she doesn’t hurt and has no bruising. I felt electrified after my Meyers Infusion. The space is very comfortable. We loved the experience!!"

Shannon R.

Meet The Staff

For over 20 years, Amanda Eagan has dedicated her life to clinical excellence and compassionate quality care in the medical field. As the founder of Viva infusions, her team has grown. Click below to learn more about Amanda, Caylen, and Becky!

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